About CCTS

The Canaveral Council of Technical Societies (CCTS) is a Space Coast association of engineering, technical, and scientific societies that support the technical workforce along Florida’s Space Coast. Our member organizations are a mix of Space Coast chapters of national professional societies and groups with local aerospace, science, technical, management, and educational interests.

1 years
of successful action

CCTS was formed in October 1960 To coordinate activities of mutual interest by heads of the local chapters of the American Rocket Society (AIAA), the American Society of Mechanical Engineers, the Institute of Radio Engineers (IEEE), and the Society of American Military Engineers.

Our Mission

  • To promote and support the activities of the Space Coast technical, scientific,and engineering professional societies to enhance the recognition and stature in the community of the member organizations.
  • To forge a bond between the member societies in support for the interchange of technical, scientific, and engineering information for the common good.
  • To coordinate and integrate interorganizational activities to promote goodwill between members.
  • To encourage community interest and hands-on participation in technical and scientific activities on the Space Coast.
  • To provide joint societal support for community service projects where our coordinated technical and scientific efforts will surely contribute an added value.
  • To regularly publish information of value to the CCTS organizations for dissemination to their members.
CCTS remains a vital link supporting the many professional societies and technical groups on the Space Coast.

Some CCTS History

Enjoy these photos from the CCTS office in 1994!

Enjoy these photos from the CCTS Space Congess in 1994!

And these photos from CCTS Holiday Party in 1993!