CCTS Excellence in Science Award

Excellence in Science Medal

This Award is presented to one 8th Grade graduating student from each Brevard County Middle and Junior High School. The Award is based on the science abilities, interests, and skills demonstrated by a student during Middle or Junior High School. Abilities are shown by the number and level of courses taken and skills are demonstrated by participation in Science Fairs and student research papers. Each Middle or Junior High School selects its recipient.


2018  Excellence in Science Awards

Dr. David Fleming

All 16 Brevard County Middle or Junior High Schools provided information on their prize winners. Medallions were made for all winners and certificates printed. To-date, presentations have been made at seven schools by five different presenters. Seven more presentations remain in the next two weeks. Presenters for these are all arranged and ready to go.

Two schools will not have formal presentation of their medallions, but the winners will receive them:

1. Edgewood Middle School provided their data past the deadline, and in not enough time to get the medallion engraved or to provide a presenter. Instead, the school was provided an electronic copy of the certificate to use during the School’s ceremony and the medallion was mailed to the school along with a certificate once it was engraved.

2. Kennedy Middle School is not holding an awards ceremony this year. The medallion and certificate were mailed to the school to be given to the winning student.


2015 Medal Recipients